Thursday, June 22, 2017

Why All Guys Like This Waterproof Smart Watch

When we enjoy the convenience and comfort brought by technology, we began a journey of finding a more convenient and comfortable way of life. Recently, I discovered a very amazing smart watch with Siri function.
This smart watch looks stylish and well-made, perfect fit and made with high quality materials as feel strong and luxurious. You guys can get notifications from Facebook, and text messaging or words with friends. Highly Recommended.

The battery life seems to last about a day and a half, maybe two days. It charges quickly though so it's no big deal. I promise your would like this smart watch. All functions can work well at android and IOS system.

This waterproof smart watch also have most functions. Such as making and receiving calls, receive notifications and SMS message, play music, heart rate monitor, pedometer and so on. You must buy such a amazing smart watch for yourself.

The Black Metal Band clasp was a little cumbersome as it was often challenging to lock and unlock. You can replaced this band with a leather band. Great value for the price. The voice call is very loudly but clear and everything works great. What's more, it look stylish.

 The display screen seems particularly excellent,you can see it clearly even when you are in bright sunlight.

V360 Bluetooth Smart Watch is excellent,quality and design are good. It pairs very easily and quick. It will sync with phones contacts and Phone book and also allow us to play the music via watches built-in speaker. It's easily to make phone calls through the watch as has a microphone and speaker. But this can only be done if synced and in range of your phone.

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