Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Plastic Alloy Metal Ultra-thin Keyboard Dock Cover Case

More and more fashion keyboard cover cases are sale online. Various colors, designs and function keyboard tablet shell make us see things in a blur. Today I want recommend a chic tablets keyboard from tidebuy.com, and share some reviews from different customers. A lot of mixed reviews on here, and overall I think most are good reviews.

You can take it to wherever your want, then it won't make your bag feel so bulky and heavy.The look of the device is sleek and quite pretty.

This keyboard is easy to use. I was right. After using the keyboard for typing, you will never want to go back to the touch screen keys. 

The quality of this Bluetooth keyboard is absolutely no problem, it is excellent. The aluminum top part of the case matches Apple rose gold perfectly. 

The key has a very good "Apple" keyboard feel. And the price is far lower than Apple.

When you open the case, the light up keyboard makes it look fancy. It connects with Bluetooth, and the case itself is pretty thin.

The most important is this Bluetooth tablet keyboard is simple to install. It can perfect combine with iPad, and the battery power with resistance. 

What's more, typing is convenient and the Home key is pro. We do not need to press the plate home, very practical. The cover can automatically put out the screen, very efficient.


"I wasn’t expecting it to work when I got it, but it did!"

"Customer support was really awesome! You can really tell they are looking after their customers, after they saw that I was having some trouble, they offered to send a replacement!

 It was really great of them to do that. I am really great that they took the time to help me out with the problem."

"At first I thought this case only fits iPad Pro. Surprise! It also fits my iPad Air 2 too. According to the product description, it says the speaker part doesn't fit iPad Air 2 very well. 

But actually everything else fits. The case makes my iPad look like a small MacBook."

"The iPad fits so securely into it and I love the flexibility with how you can open it on any angle! Best purchase ever! Thank you!"
Do you want to know more information about keyboard, just tap the following link: https://www.tidebuy.com/c/Keyboards-104403/
Tidebuy online store offer various amazing tablet Bluetooth keyboard case with an affordable price. Never miss!


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