Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Powerful Activity Monitor Wearable Technology Smart Watch

Today I will recommend a powerful wearable technology smart watch, which has very nice design and many functions. And this smartwatch will give you a more easier life, because you can finally see your notifications without pulling out your phone.

You can play music through the built-in speaker. If you're on the fence about a smart watch then I would recommend this one. It is more elegant and cheaper than other watches. For the price, this watch is the nicest choose.

Many people love the additional features of the relax function. It is a brilliant watch with pedometer, stopwatch, silent alarm (brilliant feature). What's more, this K88H smart watch is comfortable and wears well. The battery lasts for quite a long time depending on how you use it.

Touch screen can give customers a more convenient experience. It allows you receive calls, text messages and notifications (including Facebook), and it also have other functions, such as stopwatch, remote camera, Bluetooth music playing, find device, raise to wake, calendar, alarm, recorder, calculator, siri (only for IOS) and so on.

The product works like it should, for the price I was very pleased and shocked. I would recommend this to anyone interested in this type of thing.

Bought this watch just for the sake of having an affordable smart watch with a stylish look. The watch works better than I expected. I'm an iphone user and was a little hesitant thinking it might have a lot of compatibility issues. Everything works except the Messages app in the watch. But you can still read your messages, emails, and other notifications in the Notifications app in the watch, including the weather. All you have to do is download the Smart Watch app from the AppStore,

Very nice product! Every option is on demand. If you want to know your heart rate swipe the screen and run your heart or start the pedometer and see how you do in steps for the day. Be aware that you need to download the software to your phone and synchronize it to your watch before the watch will show the correct date and time.

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