Friday, April 21, 2017

Multi Function TV Bluetooth Music Transmitter

Today, I would like to recommend a multi function TV Bluetooth transmitter, it can also be called as 3.5mm Bluetooth audio music adapter. It has very powerful functions. Such as enjoy the music by connect with Bluetooth headphones, watch TV by connect with speaker.

Now I want to give a detailed description about its feature.
1) 100% brand new and high quality.
2) Launch Range: The effective diameter range of this Bluetooth transmitter is around 10 m.
3) The Bluetooth specification: 3.0.
4) Charger: The power supply by 5 v power supply products, and it is USB interface.
5) Lamp: Yes.
6) Audio Interface: 3.5 headphone jack.
6) Applicable Scenario: Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth stereo, MP3, TV, Computer, DVD, etc.
7) Product Size: 15.5 * 10 * 2.5 cm

The following is the introduction of usage mode.
1. After power on the Device, indicator lights 1 second, first pairing with the Bluetooth Receiver, press the bottom of transmitter until indicator light flash fleetly. Our Device will searches for nearby Bluetooth receiver to pair when pairing is complete. The light will flash slowly, we can transmit High Definition music to Bluetooth receiver(Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth Speaker etc).
2. Pairing succeeded equipment, when used again, we just need to turn the two devices on it. The device will automatically pair.

If you want to know more information about this multi function TV Bluetooth transmitter, please click the picture and enter the Product details page. But if you want to konw more adapter, just click the following link and get the affordable adapter


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